The Salta Way

Truths to work by

Let the fool
drive the boat

In a creative industry, what sounds like “the most rational solution” is not always the best solution. We strive to present to our clients at least one idea that will scare them (in a good way of course).

Se Habla

In fact, we are at home in the space that spans continents, cultures and idioms. Whether it’s Puerto Riqueño, New Yorkino or Los Angelino, we know that our fellow citizens like to be talked to in their own language, with their own lingo.

La prisa pasa,
pero la mi3r#a queda

Something we tell ourselves to remember is that, even in our crazy-paced environment, every project we finish needs to live up to our standards, till the end of time, no matter the circumstances.

There is NO
bad brief

Every project that comes through the door is a great opportunity to create something innovative and exciting that will bring results.

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Proton Therapy Center

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Making the mundane newsworthy

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Heroes of Advertising

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