Alvaro Merino / Creative Director & Co-Founder (Spain) /

Alvaro is one of the heavy hitters of the below-the-line advertising scene in Spain. He is a great writer, capable of coming up with thought-provoking headlines, or copy that will make you cry, laugh or mourn laughing in just one paragraph. He is also an all-wheel drive strategist who has planned out complex branding, promotional and direct marketing campaigns recognized and awarded for their creativity and efficacy for brands as diverse as Coca Cola, Orange, Banco Santander and Canon among others.
Alvaro makes true our unofficial description line. When we say we are “The smallest international agency in the world” we really mean it, we are, indeed, international. Based in Madrid, Alvaro brings fresh and diverse opportunities for collaboration with other agencies and exciting clients. Our daily calls often turn into long vivid, “skypestormings” where we have come to learn that brainstorming in Spanglish is an inspiring way of thinking and helps us not only come up with fresh pieces of copy, but also invent some interesting words and expressions in the process.
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