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Creative Factory Life

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We finally launched it: Creative Factory Life is live!

You can checkout the project look and feel, read the White-paper and more importantly, join the White list so that we can let you know when minting will be available. The idea is to form a community of professionals from the marketing and advertising world who are also interested in NFTs and what they are going to mean for brands and audiences.

Some of the key characteristics of the collection:

  • A collection of profile NFTs, for and by creative people who love and live the creative process.
  • Based on a personal connection with the avatar: no scarcity, no speculation.
  • No FOMO. No random rarities. This collection reflects the features and attributes of real people working in the creative industry.
  • A professional community of creative people curious about the new opportunities presented by NFTs, the Metaverse and Web3.

Visit Creative Factory Life and join the whitelist!


On top of providing great PFP art, this collection will help creative people, learn and experience how NFT technology will affect their world.


There’s also a LinkedIn group you can join

And an Instagram account we recommend you follow

NFTs and intellectual property

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Mark Manson the genius author behind “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” has applied the NFT technology in one of the most original and smart ways we’ve seen in some time.

Instead of minting an art collection with quotes from his famous book, maybe designed by this or that artist, or dividing up the book in chapters or pages, and selling the portions independently… he took advantage of a couple of factors:

  1. Smart contracts in NFTs allow the cession of intellectual property. In this case, the quotes. Meaning, if I bought an NFT of the quote, the quote belongs to me and I can use it for profit now.
  2. There’s obviously traceable provenance linking any quote back directly to him: Mark Manson, the famous author.



By doing this he started a potentially very lucrative B2B enterprise. For me, and probably you, the ROI of a Mark Manson’s quote is very close to $0. However, if you own a t-shirt printing company, or operate a screen-printing business, you can now own and launch your own series of T-shirts, or prints capitalizing on the fame of the book and the author.

It’s just one more way non-visual artists and authors could leverage in the future the brand they’ve built.

P.s: We only found out about this through one of Gary Vee’s videos where he chats with Mark Manson. However, this seems to be the platform where the drop will happen in Q1 of 2022:BookCoin™

Twitter embraces NFTs


The importance of the hexagon.

One of the key steps needed for massive popularization and adoption of NFTs has always been gaining visibility in the real world, and by “real world” we mean social media.
Well, last week Twitter (436 Million monthly active users) implemented the feature that allows NFT owners to display their certified NFTs as a profile picture. It still has some restrictions* but not at all too cumbersome.  The beauty is that once the NFT is recognized, the shape of the picture changes, from a circle to a hexagon. Which is a very clear way to make NFT profiles standout.

From a social (and marketing perspective) This is huge, the hex-shape will become another status symbol and a very visible expression of the cultural relevance of NFTs.

Right now is “just” a profile picture, but soon it will be professional awards won (can’t wait for our Novel price in Advertising to be certified in our LinkedIn profile), the car we drive, snickers we wear, or clubs we belong to. Anything that indicates status, or belonging to a tribe, will be certified and displayed as part of our social media presence and places like the Metaverse: Can you imagine how cool it will be for a diehard Nike fan to show up in a Fornitte-like game rocking a pair of Nike Air Jordans exactly like the ones he or she purchased in the real world? (and what an opportunity for Nike to certify ownership and fight counter-fitting)


Think about how many young travelers choose a destination based on the resulting Instagram pictures they’ll get, or how many people rent a Bentley to show off and signal status. Like it or not, self expression and signaling are important human traits, and NFTs will provide huge opportunities for people to do just that: signal and express themselves. The question is: How will we seize the opportunity to tell better stories introducing NFTs into our clients campaigns when they fit?


This graph from Giancarlo buys tokens show some big NFT events for 2022.


If you own an NFT from a verified collection you want to use in your Twitter, you can follow the instructions here. Let us know if you had any luck.


If you want to stay on top of what goes on in NFT land, we recommend following Giancarlo buys tokens  on YouTube.

As always if you are a marketer and want to start understanding how NFTs will impact your world, a good place to start is our NFT Guide for Marketers.


NFT Guide for Marketers


Why we are giving away an NFT Guide for Marketers

In 2021 we became fascinated by NFTs and the blockchain technology fueling it. While the NFT Art is what fueled the frenzy, our experience in social, digital and yes, direct response marketing, told us that this was more than just people “selling JPEGs. That’s why we decided to write a guide from the perspective of marketers, from the creative agency. Exploring how NFTs, smart contract and public wallets will change the marketing and branding landscape. And while we acknowledge that we are only scratching the surface with it, we have a feeling that it will be enough to give forward looking marketers enough to start forming their own ideas around NFT world.


You can download the guide here


We describe this guide as:

A reference to help savvy marketers who start to feel how NFTs could become the next frontier in advertising, branding and marketing. Take a first small step into the shallow end of the very deep ocean that is blockchain technology. We’ve included some examples that hopefully will pique your curiosity and inspire some new thinking around what’s possible for brands.

You can download the NFT Guide for Marketers here.




Don’t forget the wallet


When discussing the NFT phenomenon, marketers often forget that is the adoption of a public digital wallet what will make the revolution possible.

Digital public wallets are basically an app on your phone, or an extension to your browser that allows you to, among other things, operate with crypto and store NFTs. Right now, wallets are not super extended, but soon, they will be connected to your social media accounts. There will be a native wallet on your phone and video game system of choice. Wallets will become the tool that allows users to expand their personal brand to define themselves in the virtual and digital world.

Here’s where brands will have an opportunity to shine, leveraging the human tendency for self expression and seek of authenticity. I don’t know about you, but I would like to have a token from Greenpeace that identifies me as a long time donor, from Tesla; because I believe electric vehicles are a huge way of the sustainable future, some artistic NFTs I have will also help myself express who I am.

That’s why at Salta we created a simple one-pager with instructions to install and start operating MetaMask, one of the most extended wallets in the market. You can download it here.

Tokens of appreciation…


How will NFTs impact marketers in 2022?

Salta explores with a holiday campaign for clients and friends.

  • The Creative First Agency gifted clients Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs ) … as “tokens” of appreciation to close out 2021

  • Each NFT serves as a bookmark to NFT-related materials of interest for marketers

Silver Spring MD January 13th 2022 – 



Salta With Us, a Washington, D.C. Metro agency, launched a holiday campaign to help marketing executives and agency creatives understand why NFT technology is about to rock their world.

“This is a very cool space that offers great opportunities for brands to be disruptive, and quite honestly, we want to work on it!” says Alfonso Cuesta, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Salta With Us. 

The NFT Guide for Marketers and the NFTs Salta created as part of the campaign were intended to pique curiosity and provide a tool for marketing and advertising professionals to get started on their NFT journey.

NFT has become the acronym of our time (With permission from “COVID”) and as curious creatures, most marketers probably already know it stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and have read about NFT-Art being sold for exorbitant sums of money. Some will be aware of the significant incursions brands like Taco Bell, Adidas, or Nike have made into the NFT space. The vast majority probably suspect that NFTs and the technology making them possible, will have implications for the marketing industry, but they most likely don’t know yet exactly how, when, or why.

Salta launched this campaign as the first step to demystify a new technology by inviting people to see it—not just read about it—but experience it. That is why the holiday e-card was a personalized NFT video thanking the client for a great 2021. The agency sent them a token of appreciation to their client, only this token was of the Non-Fungible kind.

Adding a coat of creativity to the use of the NF, showcases one way in which NFTs can become integral portions of advertising campaigns. The NFT Guide for Marketers, and resources Salta is already preparing, are examples of how value can be provided to consumers.

“We are truly excited about this technology,” Cuesta says. “We hope all the educational work we do will turn into fun client projects. We want to inform in an honest way by separating la lana de la paja (the wool from the straw). To do that, we need to make sure we are transparent about NFTs, helping marketers understand it’s not just the buzzword of the moment but also an opportunity for them to do effective branding campaigns, fundraising or promotional actions. That’s why we started a small resource center at saltawithus.com/nft_central where we will be adding content as we develop it.”

As an agency of tree huggers focused on doing “great work for good people” (Salta’s official motto), sustainability is a huge consideration. That is the reason the agency decided to operate in the NFTrade marketplace, a platform committed to sustainability using the Avalanche (AVAX) network with its minuscule carbon footprint.

The NFT holiday campaign reflects the innovative and creative spirit of Salta With Us and its commitment to exploring new technologies as a way of helping organizations engage their audiences in new and surprising ways. And do so by not only saying, but also showcasing the way. For some marketers, social media is still a relatively new channel they don’t yet fully understand. We feel NFTs are at the center of the web 3.0, a revolution in communications, much like Facebook was 15 years ago, and we want to help them start paying attention to what is coming.