Salta’s Story

Passion and creativity drive us

Our parents didn’t want us doing this. “You’d make a good doctor,” they said. “We need a lawyer in the family.”

To them, advertising was for people who watched strange movies. Sometimes in foreign languages. Or couldn’t stop doodling. Or played games with words. Freaks. They worried that we didn’t eat properly. Stayed up too late. Would never make a living.

Truth is, it’s not about money. It’s about sparks of ideas that lead to bright, blazing concepts. It’s about doing great creative with people who won’t settle for good. It’s about all those things the doctors and lawyers and left-brainers suddenly find themselves admiring – work that gets noticed and work that brings ratings up. It’s about proving our parents wrong and making them proud.

By now you probably figured out we are a passionate, energetic, fun bunch to work with.
If you’re wondering: “but, what can you specifically do for my organization?”

We are glad you asked: Take a look at Services checkout our work and contact us if you creating great creative work that brings results is something that sounds interesting to you.