Defy Cancer


Johns Hopkins

What We Did

Concepting, Art Direction, Strategy, Graphic Design, Video, 3D animation, Social, Digital, Copywriting, Event Activation
The challenge:

Let prospective patients know that the Kimmel Cancer Center is now open in Washington DC. Up until last year, patients could only receive the renowned cancer care that Kimmel is known for in Baltimore. This same cancer care is now available in D.C. and specifically at Sibley Memorial Hospital, as well as Suburban hospital.

The solution:

To “put D.C. on the map when it comes to top cancer care,” we took it literally. We used the iconic “diamond” shape of our region combined with a massive yellow pin and a playful headline that changed the meaning of the D.C. initials to “Defy Cancer.”
This is the perfect example of a simple, practical campaign that stands out on any format (social, digital, video, events) and carries the message through effectively.

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