For the second year in a row, we were honored to design a report for the Annual Meeting of the European Scientific Diasporas in North America. This annual event focuses on fostering innovation between European researchers and scientific networks through mentor/mentee relationships. The central theme for the 2017 meeting was “Strides and Efforts in Science Communication within the European Research Area.” In addition, the launching of Marie Curie Alumni Association North America Chapter and Joint European Mentoring Initiative was announced. 

Our goal was to showcase visually “strides and efforts,” bring attention to the new launches, and implement information from the meeting into a report.


Focusing on the meeting’s theme and the new launches that were announced, we liked the idea of “New Beginnings” and “Igniting the Passion.” Ignite was chosen as the name of the report; as it is related to fire. Fire is energetic and contagious, moves and spreads just as the formation of new ideas spread towards something larger. New Beginnings became the tagline.

To visualize excitement surrounding New Beginnings, we use shapes to show movement, also serving as loosely depicted flames. The colors are related to heat temperature (red, yellow and blues). For a unique spin on New Beginnings, the report looks as if “in-progress,” but is clean and intentional. The result is a dynamic and colorful report with quirky character throughout.


2017 Report



What We Did

Graphic Design, Publication Design

There are now more opportunities than ever to focus on science communication and public engagement.

Ms. Tiffany Lohwater

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