AIP Annual Report 2015


American Institute of Physics

What We Did

Photography, Graphic Design, Font Design (Meschieri Light)
The challenge:

We needed to use the size AIP had been using for years a single 34×11 in to create something new and different. A playful format that would be easier to navigate than the previous Annual Reports but would still carry a ton of information.

The theme for the Report “The Year of Light” and the work the organization had done around the subject.

The challenge:

We used the same size of paper they used in previous years, but we explored different folding formats that would help layout the information under a well defined structure while providing it with a distinct “navigation” the irregular 3 fold provided an ideal solution.
To high light The Year of Light we went outside,  at night, small flashlight and camera in hand, and shot the whole alphabet using long exposure. 12 short hours of photoshopping later the “Meschieri Light” font was born. This approach guaranteed the piece had an absolutely distinct and unique look.

of Hangout Storming
Shooting & retouching

Cities Involved