PsycINFO 50th Anniversary


American Psychological Association

What We Did

Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Concept Development
The challenge:

Help American Psychological Association capitalize on the 50th Anniversary of PsycINFO. ​Portray them as a forward-thinking organization that started a vast library of digitalized records in 1967, way before the advent of the personal computer or the Internet.

PsycINFO is a world-class resource for abstracts and citations of behavioral and social science research​, and it’s turning 50 in 2017​. In preparation for the ​”​​conference ​season,” ​APA wanted to create a badge to be included in all their communication pieces related to the product, and a set of ads to bring attention to it.

We were brought in to pitch original ideas for these ads. They would be used in several ways: 1) During events with a CTA driving people to the APA booth; and 2) For publications using the anniversary to highlight features of APA products.

The Solution:

We ​loved throwing around ideas for these ads and were excited when two concepts were chosen! Our first concept celebrates 1967, the year that PsycINFO was founded. By highlighting one big event from that year, we were able to showcase how innovative and forward-thinking APA is as an organization: Saturn 5’s successful first launch, the Summer of Love in San Francisco, and the first human heart transplant. This establishes interest, leading readers directly to a description of PsycINFO and their 1967 beginnings when not even PCs or the Internet were around​.

Our second concept focused less on the year and more on the achievements of PsycINFO, emphasizing the sheer number of bibliographic records. Four million two hundred forty-three thousand and eight! That is quite an accomplishment in itself!

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