“PsycBOOKS Direct Mailer”


APA American Psychological Association

What We Did

Photography, Graphic Design, Packaging, Direct Marketing
The challenge:

We developed a direct mailer to help APA convince its audience to upgrade to PsycBOOKS, the largest and most current digital library of scholarly books dealing with psychological science.

The solution:
We sent the APA audience what looked like a regular book, like the ones APA regularly sends to its clients, only this one, when opened, introduced the user to a world of new possibilities in terms of research and consultation. The client was so confident about the value of the deal, that they offered a 30 day free trial of the service.
As a gift to the potential recipient, we came up with a gift that not only added value and usefulness to the pack but it also tied up the concept nicely: An external charging unit. This is something users of PsycBOOKS will certainly need if they start using this service on their smartphones or tablets.
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