Marketing Kit Design


APA American Psychological Association

What We Did

Graphic Design, Product Strategy
The challenge:

Create a compact sales kit that would keep organized all the product sheets and marketing materials, sales reps need when interacting with potential clients.

The main challenge here, was to understand the very complex portfolio of APA’s Databases and Electronic¬†Resources so that we could create a design system that could help the sales rep explain all the products.

What we did:

Look, study research, and talk work with our client to understand and then organize APA’s offer in four distinct buckets. Each bucket clearly identified with a different color and photography.
We created a self contained packet with a volumetric folder that could contain all the materials.

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Cities Involved

Interior of APA sales kit folder
Product one sheets and brochure
Brochure Interior 1
Brochure Interior 2

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