APA Style CENTRAL® Sales Kit


American Psychological Association

What We Did

Graphic Design, Direct Marketing
The challenge:

APA Style CENTRAL® is a web-based solution for research and writing using APA Style®.

APA approached us to create a sales kit for APA Style CENTRAL®. This kit needed to target educators, researchers, and students who are not currently aware of how great this product actually is.

The solution:

The goal of the mailer was to let students and researchers know that using APA Style® is now easier. Since we had several audiences, we created two versions of the mailer: one for college students and one for librarians or professors. Headlines and package structure needed to be attention grabbing in order to stand out from other mail.

Starting with the opening, the mailer is fun to interact with. The tear strip states that “Learning APA Style® can be hard.” Once opened, it states “APA Style® is now easier than ever.” The contents of the mailer explain how APA Style CENTRAL® works, why it is beneficial, and how to access it. Also included is an infographic explaining how to master scholarly writing, and stickers that allow students to express their witty selves.


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