FECYT Event Book


FECYT Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology

What We Did

Photography, Graphic Design, Layout
The challenge:

Some projects provide you the opportunity to define what kind of agency you are, one that settles for “good enough” or one that decides that is worth going the extra… mille (maybe 100 yards of yarn would be more appropriate in this case)
When we presented the mock ups for this book, and explained the concept to the client. She already loved the thinking and the initial photoshop draft; “Are you really thinking about making this with thread?” … Hell yes we were! and it made all the difference.

The Solution:

The idea behind the book was to represent the links and connections created during an important event in Washington DC in the fall of 2015. Between the Spanish scientific community working in the US. A high profile event, with the presence of King Felipe, designed to generate synergies and facilitate networking.

To represent the idea of “Connections” in a literal way we used pins and connected them with yarn. To spell the Spanish word “Conectamos” meaning, at the same time “We connect” but also “We connected.”¬†Which seemed very fitting for a recap book. We love it when the medium, becomes the message.

of yarn used

Cities Involved

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