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HAC: Housing Assistance Council

What We Did

Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Photo-retouching
The challenge:

We were so excited when HAC (Housing Assistance Council) told us about working on their magazine. For a long time we had wanted to tackle an editorial project and this was a great opportunity. Part of the challenge was making a publication that focuses on information about people on situations of disadvantage and need, feel modern, approachable and somehow optimistic. Another challenging bit, is creating distinct covers for each number and display a large amount of data in a way that feels consumible.

The Solution:

Part of the ask when we first started, was to create at least one layout option simple enough so that if the client decided to produce it in house, it would be easy to make “look good” for somebody without a design background, printing it in the in house digital printer. We did, but to this day, we have been designing every issue of this magazine since 2014.

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