After being created 17 years go by Maureen Fiedler, a Catholic nun who wanted to understand others after the infamous 9/11 attack, Interfaith Voices was ready for a refresh. Maureen retired and handed the mic to Amber, a Muslim-American woman of color. With a new host, Interfaith Voices knew it was time for a new look and name.


To reflect a shift in focus from interfaith religion to spirituality and inclusion, Interfaith Voices was renamed to Inspired.
After deciding on a name, a new design was needed. The previous logo was too busy and literal by today’s standards. We created a clean logo based on a  geometric sans serif font and a color palette representing a myriad of cultures and faiths: Judeo-Christian, Islam, Hindu and buddhism.
The result was a clean logo that breathed new, modern life into the show.

Feeling Inspired

A radio show with a new host gains a fresh look.

From Interfaith Voices...

The previous logo is very literal and too busy. The connection with faith is heavy handed, with symbols representing the different religions.
Such a representation would make it hard to connect with the new audience the show needed to reach: Younger, urban, and digital savy, used to consume content in podcast format on demand, always on their terms.
Such a convoluted mark didn't work effectively in social media or small digital spaces where we knew we needed to engage with our younger desired audience; millennials that spend their life on their mobile phones.


To Inspired

The overlapping and intertwining colors in the logo represent how religion and spirituality make up pieces of our collective lives.
If the show wanted to be successful it needed to break the mold of just discussing faith and needed to find the place of interest where politics, culture and current events intertwined with religion.
The color palette representing different believes and aspects of religion like: Spirituality, Learning, Truth, Life, and Reflexion was key to achieve that.
The font was significantly altered to create a unique look. Small details like the rotation of the "e" looking up, or the increase distance in the dot on top of the "i" help play-up the spiritual nature of the brand.

Brand Development

Launch Campaign

In addition to the rebrand, Inspired needed to promote itself. We created a video ad to reach their audience where they’re most likely to be found: on social media.

Behind the Scenes

This was our most guerrilla project yet. We love getting scrappy

Fun Facts

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