An oversaturated and outspending market

Johns Hopkins is one of the most prestigious health systems in the world. With leading physicians in their field, this historic brand is behind some of the most important advancements in medical research and one of the top 10 cancer institutions in the United States.

In the D.C. area, a high concentration of top-tier medical schools and providers create a lot of competition. Johns Hopkins is outspent 7 to 1 by some of its competitors who relay on a very similar visual identity.

Johns Hopkins Medicine -Brand Refresh-

What We Did

Brand Strategy,Research, Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital design


For Hopkins to standout in this environment we needed to find a
voice and distinctive look to make the refresh fitting for a healthcare leader.

Blues, yellows and grays, along with traditional fonts
are used by every mayor competitor


Find a voice and a look and feel

A brand refresh that marries the values Hopkins is built on with an updated, modern look and feel.
Their refreshed brand identity was built around the internal statement: The Promise Of Medicine.

The value Johns Hopkins Medicine brings and The Promise of Medicine ultimately expresses, is that no matter what you come for, the same rigor and dedication is applied across the health system.

This position leverages the brand’s reputation of excellence while at the same time stressing innovation.


Typography had to be modern and readable in digital displays, yet warm and approachable.

We chose Circular, a quirky sans-serif typeface built on geometric shapes. This contemporary typeface is a great complement to the Garamond font used in Hopkins’ logo.