EMBEDDED Podcast Branding



What We Did

Brand design, Digital Assets
The challenge:

Design a brand identity and marketing support campaign for Embedded. The logo needed to create a trademark based on intimate storytelling with a little more edge and grit than most news podcasts. One that would express how deep this program would bring the listener into each topic.

The Solution:

We explored different visual effects that expressed sensation of “embedment” but also “thrill”, “uneasiness” and “grit”. We fractured, compressed, hid and twisted the word Embedded in dozens of different ways. Until we arrived to this simple and elegant solution. Where two identical elements overlap, with the top one displaced only a few pixels allowing the bottom one to pick over the edges.

There was something very mysterious about the word “Embedded” 8 letters but with 4 characters repeating multiple times. That inspired us to create an abbreviated version for social media, that read well while retaining the essence of the expanded brand. Using the short expression of the brand, we created one of the sexiest gifs the web has ever seen!

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