The challenge:

To promote the NPR podcast Hidden Brain, hosted by Shankar Vedantam, which explores the unseen patterns that often guide our decision-making process and dictate the way we behave.
To make sure that in the trending category of “approachable science” this podcast comes across as not only fun but also educational and grounded in serious science as well as in-depth research.
To capitalize on the popularity of Shankar whenever possible.

What we did:

– We created a device to marry fun and science in every single communication piece, print, web, video… The “Mind Fact” is a whimsical way to break down the science Shankar and his guests discuss on the show into little pills of knowledge delivered in a lighthearted and playful way.
– In print and static formats, we used attention grabbing illustrations with dual meanings to represent both the seen and unseen pattern that guides our hidden brain.
– For video formats, we came up with light vignettes that in a comical, and almost surreal way, bring out the motivations of our Hidden Brain.