The challenge:

– To generate excitement and anticipation for Invisibilia Season 2, a podcast phenomenon hosted by Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller, and new host; Hanna Rosin. Invisibilia discovers the invisible forces that shape human behavior. The show has an incredibly devote legion of, mostly women, hard core fans.
– To drive anticipation and downloads engaging with the world of Invisibilia with more excitement than ever.
– Thrill the audience enough about the premiere of S2 to want to share the experience with others, either in Generation Listen-style listening groups or virtually on social media.

What we did:

– We used a “Less is (a lot) more” approach where banners and print ads appeared empty for the most part. Where you would usually find a great image describing the service, we showed… nothing. That way not only we were able to draw more eyes by creating a contrasting space. We also played off and explained the name and nature of the show (discover the invisible forces that shape human behavior) – To promote the “Listening Parties” we created separate assets that spoke, in a tongue-in-cheek manner to the ability of the show to bring up fascinating issues and provoke interesting conversations.