The challenge:

Pairing with the NPR Consumer Products team for the 2016 holiday season, we created a campaign that made the NPR shop gift buying experience purposeful amidst a chaotic holiday season. Keeping in mind the goal of increasing holiday merchandise top line sales and rebuilding momentum for customers likely to re-purchase, we provided:

Overall campaign theme: an overarching idea that could run through all the campaign pieces as cohesive holiday messaging.

Email marketing and strategy consulting

Social media imagery

Campaign banners

Shop photography: 7 new photos for the carousel

The solution:

We capitalized on the nature and personality of the curated products the shop features and literally provided them a voice. We turned cool products into gifts that would speak to the receiver, which allowed for a playful and humorous campaign that stood out from all the “noise” generated by a very contentious election and the shopping frenzy of the holidays.

Visually, we decided to use micro-photography to shoot the items, providing them with a personality and the overall campaign with a charming and distinct look.