Social Presence Overhaul


Market research and social media strategy to modernize the presence of Plaza Arts and Materials into a vibrant, useful and active brand.
We created the roadmap to help Plaza replicate the in-store experience to social channels.

Asking the hard questions

After 9 stakeholder interviews and over 2,000 survey responses, we learned that there indeed was a disconnect between the persona Plaza thought it had, how customers perceived them, and how Plaza fared against their competition. The area of overlap for stakeholders and customers was expertise.

Plaza's online presence matters.

“Our biggest opportunity on social media is to tell people who we are.”

-Store Manager

Designed to Succeed

Design recommendations were based on the organic aesthetic of Instagram for the art category, demographic responses from the customer survey, and modern design guidelines.

Social media presence

The old look

Externally, Plaza focused on sales and promotional messaging. Previous posts were very sales-centric with crowded copy and were not web or mobile friendly.

The new look

In order to boost Plaza's online persona, we advised them to focus on campaigns, simplify the imagery, calibrate posts to match their audience’s interests, and implement brand cohesion.