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The challenge:
Take a successful service company that is growing without order and organize it in a way that speaks with a distinct tone on an increasingly competitive marketplace. Also create opportunities for cross selling between services and design a brand strategy that creates efficiencies across the board. This is a fascinating project at so many levels. First, is offering us the opportunity to build the brand for our client from the ground up. And also, allowing us to affect how the business and the brand will be organized on a cohesive way. This can only be done, when you deal and get along with a dynamic and entrepreneurial client like Chris Montoya.
What we did:
We suggested the creation of the mother brand “Rent Our Help”. Under the umbrella of this company, we present each different service as part of the offer of a larger company. Each service has a distinct look. But presents enough commonalities with the mother brand to help identify it as part of the same company. That approach creates a virtuous circle, in which all companies cross promote their services and help Chris, our client, represent the three of them on an effective way.
On top of that, we are creating all marketing and sales materials, including four different websites, one for each company, with a fresh tone of communication that is already resonating with our digital savvy audience.
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