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Airbus Defense and Space

What We Did

Photography, Graphic Design, Post Editing
The challenge:

Create an international campaign targeting experts on the defence and intelligence field to bring attention to the Airbus Defence and Space offer. A constellation of optical and radar satellites that can cover any point on Earth at least twice a day.

The first challenge, was to break through the clutter of existing campaigns, filled with images of satellites, hardware, and earth photography in a way that would resonate with our savy target. Find a different approach that could engage our audience.

The Solution:

We decided to show the amazing features of Airbus Defense and Space technology by telling the story of the very people who benefit from it. Not the analysts and engineers flying the satellites, but the pilots, soldiers and seamen, down here on earth, working under extreme circumstances and to whom the advantageous point of view a satellite can offer a significant safety increase.
The over the shoulder POV, paired with a satellite image and the headline “Intelligence is a matter of perspective” gave the campaign a cohesive narrative.

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