APA’s Digital Toolkit for Academic Librarians

In partnership with our client APA, we created a comprehensive digital toolkit for academic librarians, addressing students’ challenges with late-night research. The toolkit provides ready-to-use social media, email, and print assets, empowering librarians to effortlessly promote APA’s research-easing solutions.

Campaign ideation
Key art design
Animation production



Our illustrations created light humor based on insight: finding sources is time-consuming and stressful, leading to a good amount of library all-nighters. We commiserated with students and researchers burning the midnight oil, wishing they had finished their work hours ago.

Highly Animated


We animated the illustrations. Some movements are obvious while others are more subtle. Social media engagement is guaranteed.

Poster Series


Digital Toolkit


All of the deliverables live together as a ready-to-use digital toolkit for academic librarians.
APA is alleviating their workload with this
easy, one-stop shop to meet their social media, print, and email needs.