NPR Podcast We Have Their Ears -Trade Campaign-



What We Did

Ideation, Art Direction, Digital Design
The challenge:


The easy part, was the product: NPR Podcasts. NPR needed to let potential sponsors know that an independent study by Podtrac demonstrated that; when it comes to podcast; NPR is #1 No surprise there. The hard part was to create an effective banner campaign. So impactful to look at, so precise in message and simple in call to action that would drive awareness around NPR corporate sponsorship.

What we did:


We created a surreal image; a single, isolated ear, captured by a headphone laso. A little gross to look at, but fascinating at the same time.
Simple and precise copy with a clear call to action, and hard to ignore bright background colors made these pieces an eye magnet.

of Hangout Storming

Cities Involved

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