Advancement Project California, a racial justice non-profit, wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a distinct mark that would complement their existing logo and brand identity. The design needed to let their California spirit shine while highlighting their invaluable community partners and avoid confusion with their DC counterpart or similar non-profits.


We looked at quintessential California images: sunsets, beaches, palm trees, and golden poppies. While dreaming of the Golden State, we found that the golds, blues, and purples of sunsets offered an extensive color palette. Inspiration from social movements and demonstrations steered us towards a bold, clean typeface. Combined, these elements allowed us to create a look that stands out from the crowd and rallies the troops to support Advancement Project CA’s mission.


20th Anniversary branding


Advancement Project California

What We Did

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Project Management, Copywriting, Social Media, Branding

The 20th Anniversary Mark

A geometric '20' was added to house part of the existing logo and seamlessly transition the mark into the new lockup. The tagline followed suit, connecting the organization's successful history with its future ambitions.

Colors and Type

The Golden State

Joyful and breezy, that’s how the Golden State feels. Oranges and yellows display the vivid essence of California, while the blue, purple, and violets of sunsets enhance it. Combining these two color groups created a beautiful color palette.

To be Frank

Bold, honest, and reminiscent of social empowerment movements, Franklin Gothic was the chosen typeface for its boldness. An uppercase compressed version was used for headers.

Fun with Web

We created general web, social, and email templates for the client to use as needed in the future.


This postcard served as a Save the Date reminder for an upcoming event.