Unifying a global brand: the Inter American Development Bank quest for consistent identity


Salta was tasked with not just creating a logo for WiConnect, but with establishing a comprehensive brand system for all of IDB’s initiatives. We rose to the challenge and delivered a unifying and impactful solution.

Starting point

We studied the brand book and used the most common brand elements and characteristics as a starting point.

The result

We evolved it into something cohesive with the brand but with a special "something" to help it keep some of its own personality.

Brand Application


WiConnect is a web based platform connecting civil society organizations across LatinAmerica, with other CSOs, governments and private companies. One of its main applications is the website.

Brand Anatomy & Lockups


A well built mark is only the beginning.
A balanced proportion is key to establish the relationship between the mother brand and the sub brand.

Responsive Design

We needed to think about how the brand would look in social media and small web spaces.