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The heart is objectively a fascinating organ. It does only one thing and does it extremely well: it pumps blood. Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital in D.C wanted to use February (cardiac month) to raise awareness about the fact that their team and facilities are top in the country.

The challenge was to package the content in a way that would break through the clutter and grab people’s attention. To do that, we decided to have a healthy mix of fascinating facts presented with animations. Health information, and innovative procedures being performed at Suburban.


Johns Hopkins Medicine 

What We Did

Content strategy, creative direction, design, animation, copywriting

Fascinating Heart Facts


Using animation we were able to present interesting and less expected information about the heart in an engaging way. This helped build awareness around Suburban’s top cardiac team.

Useful Heart Information

Good information about the heart that can help us make better health decisions. They are not the most exciting, but we can package them in a way that will make them more appealing and guarantee that they showcase how Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital is the regional expert in all cardiac matters.

This piece linked to an article by The American Heart Association that provided 5 tips to manage stress and improve heart health.

We used simple effects to turn static images into more visually appealing graphics. These two pieces directed users to heart related articles by Hopkins

Advanced surgery

We advertised game changing, non invasive procedures like TAVR with simple ads that highlighted remarkable fact about the process (like the point of access).

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