We needed to turn a pretty standard, unremarkable logo, into a rich brand that captured all the sophistication, creativity and energy pouring out from Latin America.


Grand Cata

What We Did

Brand strategy, creative direction, brand design, copywriting, graphic design

Old logo

New logo


The energetic variant of Latin American Art Deco served as an inspirations for the typographic treatment.


“Wines and tastes of Latin America” serve as a description line.
To capture the essence of the brand  and defining its true focus in an evocative way we landed on: “True South” and created different lockups.


A brand representing the culture and energy of Latin America.
Asks for a rich and vibrant color palette


We also wanted to capture the essence of Latin America using patterns that provided more depth to the brand. We looked for inspiration in textures old and new.


To ensure correct application of colors and patterns, we created a gallery with dozens of pairing combinations.

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