Content Campaign

Creativity at the service of a good cause: helping low income latino families find the help they needed during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Vaccination campaign

The number 1 motivator for vaccine hesitants, is being able to remove their mask. That insight, paired with the fact that in Spanish, the words for “getting the vaccine” and “remove the mask” are homonyms, resulted on this simple, meme like campaign, that generated outlandishly high CTR and engagement.

Dia de la madre

Latin American mothers are different. They have a whole gambit of expressions and quotes that go from the tender and loving to the passive aggressive, to the slightly menacing. We selected some of the greatest hits knowing that they would resonate with our audience, regardless of the Spanish speaking region they came from, and created delightful stories and carousels celebrating the first woman in our life.

Cuaresma / Lent

It would be a mistake to assume every latino is a devoted catholic, but it’d also be a mistake to disregard the importance religion in our culture. With that insight in mind, we approached Lent as a cultural event and challenged latinos who could afford it, to engage with their community.

Instead of using a countdown clock as a SALE or promotional device, we used it to create a sense of urgency around helping your community. It works for sales, it works for CNN, and it works to get a 12%  CTR!

Every day the countdown clock would change to reflect the actual amount of days left from that day.

Love the vaccine

We used Saint Valentine’s day as cheerful way to explain all the benefits of vaccination, safety, cost (free & universal) as well as side effects. To a population that shows a certain level of mistrust when interacting with the government. 

Reyes Magos

The Three Wise Men are the Spanish and Latin American equivalent of Santa Claus. With this simple animation we invited more affluent latinos in Montgomery County, to help different local nonprofit organizations.

Rental Assistance

Good, old, simple messaging in clear terms, animated in a way that broke through the clutter, and targeted with precision is all this piece needed to perform over 12% CTR for 3 weeks.