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When discussing the NFT phenomenon, marketers often forget that is the adoption of a public digital wallet what will make the revolution possible.

Digital public wallets are basically an app on your phone, or an extension to your browser that allows you to, among other things, operate with crypto and store NFTs. Right now, wallets are not super extended, but soon, they will be connected to your social media accounts. There will be a native wallet on your phone and video game system of choice. Wallets will become the tool that allows users to expand their personal brand to define themselves in the virtual and digital world.

Here’s where brands will have an opportunity to shine, leveraging the human tendency for self expression and seek of authenticity. I don’t know about you, but I would like to have a token from Greenpeace that identifies me as a long time donor, from Tesla; because I believe electric vehicles are a huge way of the sustainable future, some artistic NFTs I have will also help myself express who I am.

That’s why at Salta we created a simple one-pager with instructions to install and start operating MetaMask, one of the most extended wallets in the market. You can download it here.