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February 2022

NFTs and intellectual property

By NFTs, Uncategorized

Mark Manson the genius author behind “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” has applied the NFT technology in one of the most original and smart ways we’ve seen in some time.

Instead of minting an art collection with quotes from his famous book, maybe designed by this or that artist, or dividing up the book in chapters or pages, and selling the portions independently… he took advantage of a couple of factors:

  1. Smart contracts in NFTs allow the cession of intellectual property. In this case, the quotes. Meaning, if I bought an NFT of the quote, the quote belongs to me and I can use it for profit now.
  2. There’s obviously traceable provenance linking any quote back directly to him: Mark Manson, the famous author.



By doing this he started a potentially very lucrative B2B enterprise. For me, and probably you, the ROI of a Mark Manson’s quote is very close to $0. However, if you own a t-shirt printing company, or operate a screen-printing business, you can now own and launch your own series of T-shirts, or prints capitalizing on the fame of the book and the author.

It’s just one more way non-visual artists and authors could leverage in the future the brand they’ve built.

P.s: We only found out about this through one of Gary Vee’s videos where he chats with Mark Manson. However, this seems to be the platform where the drop will happen in Q1 of 2022:BookCoin™