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The importance of the hexagon.

One of the key steps needed for massive popularization and adoption of NFTs has always been gaining visibility in the real world, and by “real world” we mean social media.
Well, last week Twitter (436 Million monthly active users) implemented the feature that allows NFT owners to display their certified NFTs as a profile picture. It still has some restrictions* but not at all too cumbersome.  The beauty is that once the NFT is recognized, the shape of the picture changes, from a circle to a hexagon. Which is a very clear way to make NFT profiles standout.

From a social (and marketing perspective) This is huge, the hex-shape will become another status symbol and a very visible expression of the cultural relevance of NFTs.

Right now is “just” a profile picture, but soon it will be professional awards won (can’t wait for our Novel price in Advertising to be certified in our LinkedIn profile), the car we drive, snickers we wear, or clubs we belong to. Anything that indicates status, or belonging to a tribe, will be certified and displayed as part of our social media presence and places like the Metaverse: Can you imagine how cool it will be for a diehard Nike fan to show up in a Fornitte-like game rocking a pair of Nike Air Jordans exactly like the ones he or she purchased in the real world? (and what an opportunity for Nike to certify ownership and fight counter-fitting)


Think about how many young travelers choose a destination based on the resulting Instagram pictures they’ll get, or how many people rent a Bentley to show off and signal status. Like it or not, self expression and signaling are important human traits, and NFTs will provide huge opportunities for people to do just that: signal and express themselves. The question is: How will we seize the opportunity to tell better stories introducing NFTs into our clients campaigns when they fit?


This graph from Giancarlo buys tokens show some big NFT events for 2022.


If you own an NFT from a verified collection you want to use in your Twitter, you can follow the instructions here. Let us know if you had any luck.


If you want to stay on top of what goes on in NFT land, we recommend following Giancarlo buys tokens  on YouTube.

As always if you are a marketer and want to start understanding how NFTs will impact your world, a good place to start is our NFT Guide for Marketers.