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We finally launched it: Creative Factory Life is live!

You can checkout the project look and feel, read the White-paper and more importantly, join the White list so that we can let you know when minting will be available. The idea is to form a community of professionals from the marketing and advertising world who are also interested in NFTs and what they are going to mean for brands and audiences.

Some of the key characteristics of the collection:

  • A collection of profile NFTs, for and by creative people who love and live the creative process.
  • Based on a personal connection with the avatar: no scarcity, no speculation.
  • No FOMO. No random rarities. This collection reflects the features and attributes of real people working in the creative industry.
  • A professional community of creative people curious about the new opportunities presented by NFTs, the Metaverse and Web3.

Visit Creative Factory Life and join the whitelist!


On top of providing great PFP art, this collection will help creative people, learn and experience how NFT technology will affect their world.


There’s also a LinkedIn group you can join

And an Instagram account we recommend you follow