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Why we are giving away an NFT Guide for Marketers

In 2021 we became fascinated by NFTs and the blockchain technology fueling it. While the NFT Art is what fueled the frenzy, our experience in social, digital and yes, direct response marketing, told us that this was more than just people “selling JPEGs. That’s why we decided to write a guide from the perspective of marketers, from the creative agency. Exploring how NFTs, smart contract and public wallets will change the marketing and branding landscape. And while we acknowledge that we are only scratching the surface with it, we have a feeling that it will be enough to give forward looking marketers enough to start forming their own ideas around NFT world.


You can download the guide here


We describe this guide as:

A reference to help savvy marketers who start to feel how NFTs could become the next frontier in advertising, branding and marketing. Take a first small step into the shallow end of the very deep ocean that is blockchain technology. We’ve included some examples that hopefully will pique your curiosity and inspire some new thinking around what’s possible for brands.

You can download the NFT Guide for Marketers here.